Received Donations

CTDUT can receive donations from institutions and companies, associated or not.

We would like thank the donations received from the following companies:

KSB Brasil – Circulation pump with a capacity of 320 m3/h;

WEG – 250 horse power electrical motor for pump driving and frequency inverter to control the speed of water circulation;

Coester Automação Ltda – actuators for testing the pipe of 14” (Loop14);

Palessa Engenharia de Corrosão– Rectifier for cathode protection (Yanashi Brand);

Thermo Fisher Scientific Brasil – Non-intrusive Ultrasonic Flowmeter for tests on the pipe of 14″ (LOOP 14);

UWS Brasil – sealing gasket and electrical insulation – Fire Safe for cathodic protection.


Throughout its existence, CTDUT has been associated with several national and international institutions in the sector, aiming to integrate the segments of oil & gas, biofuels and mining.

Some of them:

ABENDI – Associação Brasileira de Ensaios Não Destrutivos e Inspeção(Brazilian Association of Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection)

ABRACO – Associação Brasileira de Corrosão(Brazilian Association of Corrosion)

ANPEI – Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento das Empresas Inovadoras(National Association of Innovative Companies for Research and Development)

CE-EPC – Centro de Excelência em EPC(Center of Excellence in Engineering, Procurement and Construction)